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The Once and Future King reign last for some time generally it can be thought of as the following Eras.

Period Span of Years (A.D.)
King Uther Period 485–495
Anarchy Period 496–509
Boy King Period 510–518
Conquest Period 519–528
Romance Period 529–538
Tournament Period 540–553
Grail Quest Period 554–557
Twilight Period 558–566

Glory and Honor to the families of the Brittion that lived in such a time. What of the People?

The Religons of Briton are strong forces to move the hearts of men. The Once and Future King will need to walk a fine line to balance the desires and needs of those who worship.

Briton is not a land of one people. Many hail from groups radically different then the Once and Future King. Many more will come, many more will challenge the lands of Briton.

Remember that Winter is coming. And with it comes a return to the home after a timely year away.’

Main Page

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